Nurse’s Letter

The nurse is available the entire week of camp. However, the nurse is one individual caring for the entire group of 100 campers. So often, the children frequent the nurse with unnecessary visits even awakening the nurse several times throughout the night. Adequate rest and sleep periods are also necessary for the nurse, as she strives to provide quality care for all campers. Please review with your child what would warrant a visit to the nurse. Prior to reporting to the nurse, our child should first seek the assistance of their counselor. If their counselor feels a visit to the nurse is warranted, you child will then be escorted to the infirmary. Please assist us in keeping our children safe and refrain from sending your child with any type of food that may contain peanuts or peanut oils. All medications brought to camp must be checked in with the nurse. To expedite this check-in process, please have each medication placed in an individual zip lock baggie with an index card completed with the campers name, dosage, and the time the medication is to be taken. Please only place 1 medication and 1 index card in each baggie.