Rec Team


Thanks to the Rec Team!!

In order to be on the Rec Team you must be entering 11th grade or older.

The Rec Team runs recreation at camp, encourages the campers to play and perform in a Christian atmosphere, provides activities during free time, sets up for various events, etc.

The Rec Team’s main tasks are broken into two parts:

Morning Rec: Morning Rec is an hour long.  A Rec Team member runs the same station all week (either tie-dye, ropes course, slide for life, or pool/gym) and the campers rotate to that station each day in groups of two cabins.

Evening Rec: Evening Rec is an hour and fifteen minutes.  Often, the set up for Evening Rec takes up a good portion of afternoon free time.  The Rec Team runs Evening Rec (events such as capture the flag, scavenger hunts, relay courses, etc), and then is responsible for clean up.

Being on the Rec Team is a non stop job: we rise with the campers, eat with the camp for every meal, set up morning Rec, set up evening rec during free time, run activity stations during free time, run Evening Rec, and clean up.

Rec Team Application

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