Camp Rules

The Camp’s rules are in place to ensure that everyone enjoys their time at camp, while still having fun. We ask that all campers and counselors abide by the rules, and report any unintentional mishaps before they become catastrophic.

  1. The use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and tobacco products is strictly prohibited.
  2. Unauthorized personnel (all guests) are to remain outside the confines of the camp kitchen at all times.
  3. All cars are to be parked in the parking area. No cars are to be driven to the cabins or anywhere else on the campgrounds at any time.
  4. No one is to use the pool without proper supervision.
  5. Speed limit of 15 miles per hour is to be strictly observed on camp driveways.
  6. No beverages are to be brought in from the outside to the campground. Soda machines are available outside the dining hall.
  7. No smoking.
  8. No pets.
  9. Please treat all property with respect, especially the property of the campground. We have a reputation for cleaning up after ourselves, and we would like to keep it. Campers and staff will be charged to repair any vandalism that occurs.
  10. Report any spills to a counselor or maintenance staff as soon as they occur.